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How to Create HubSpot Forms [Speed to Lead Ep. 2]

How to Create HubSpot Forms [Speed to Lead Ep. 2]


Welcome to Speed to Lead, a series on how to engage with potential customers using HubSpot's powerful CRM tools. HubSpot can help support a lead in every step of their journey to becoming a loyal customer, and using its tools in tandem can help sales reps and business owners track and nurture these leads all along the way. In this episode, we'll learn how to create and customize lead-capture forms in HubSpot.

HubSpot forms are a valuable lead capture tool to use with your lead generation campaigns. You have the ability to collect customized data from prospects to help you better segment them. Watch the video to learn how to quickly create and customize a HubSpot form.

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Stay tuned for future episodes where we'll learn about using leads' information submitted in forms to empower further sales and marketing efforts.

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[Complete Video Transcript]

Hey, what's up guys? Welcome to episode two of Speed to Lead. This time we're going to be learning about how to build and expand forms in HubSpot to gather valuable information about your leads on your website.

I've created a simple landing page here with a simple form as well. Sometimes the simple form is good, but typically we're going to want to capture more information and just an email. You know, for most purposes so if we click on the form module itself, click on Actions, and then go to the full forms editor.

This is where we will learn how to actually build out a form, expand it and customize it within HubSpot. So adding fields to a form is pretty simple. HubSpot has a few commonly used properties already at the top of the list for us. So anything like first name, last name, or phone number, we can add that as well. So it's as simple as that.

You can even move the fields around on the forum if you'd like. I always like to put first and last names beside each other. I just think it looks nice. It's a personal preference. But if we want to capture some information that isn't already known by HubSpot, we'll have to create a new property. So that's very simple to do as well. Just click create new, select the type of property that you want to create, and then just add it. So let's say that we want to capture a lead's favorite type of candy for some reason, right? So let's just add on a new single-line property. We'll type in "favorite candy." Click Next. Next and then create, and now it's on here, so we'll be able to see a lead's favorite candy after they submit the form.

Now you'll see here that this is a hidden field for notification frequency. This is just letting us know how frequently a lead needs to be notified of, you know, log notifications that this form is set up for. So you know we're pre-selecting it and hiding it, so the option is preset for them. And there'll be automatically notified weekly of new blogs as they go down the line. Just a logistics thing. If we hit update, then publish, we will receive an embed code that you can use to actually embed the form on code onto your website, or we will get a share link that will just open up the form in a new tab.

If we go back to all forms and then over to the landing page that we've created. We'll see here that our form has been expanded. It looks a lot more, you know, ready for a lead to give information to. We have first name, last name, and all the rest of the properties that we created.

Now, if you want to get notified for a lead submitting their information, we can actually go back into the forms editor to go into the options here. Right, so you know, we'll have a thank you message that says like thank you for submitting the form. But then, if we want submission notifications to go to someone that's not just you, the creator, you can type that in here we can just pick someone to be sent a notification whenever a lead fills out the form, subscribe to the blog, lists their favorite candy and so forth.

Make sure you update every time you submit the form or make any edits.

You don't have to paste it back onto the landing page or anywhere. It updates automatically. But yeah, now we have this, and we're good to go. Stay tuned for next time when we talk about what to do with that lead's information.



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Workflows can get complex. There are a lot of benefits to using a HubSpot Partner to set up automation processes. 

Expertise and Experience: HubSpot partners are certified professionals who possess extensive knowledge and experience in using the HubSpot platform. 

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