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Creating HubSpot Campaigns to Organize Marketing Efforts

Creating HubSpot Campaigns to Organize Marketing Efforts

Many of the clients I work with in HubSpot find that the biggest benefit of the platform is its interconnectedness. Emails that directly influence sales are tracked and attributed as such in the platform, landing pages directly track which leads are generated through their content, and each employee’s individual communication actions are linked back to their larger sales efforts.

However, sometimes it can be tricky to keep track of all of this connectivity within the platform. Items are, after all, spread across different hubs within the site, and it’s sometimes difficult to view just how connected different marketing pieces are in one space.

That’s why HubSpot’s campaigns tool is a valuable and underrated asset for tracking and managing data within the system. Campaigns are able to organize different marketing assets, influence leads and their behavior, and present easy-to-view data on marketing performance all in one.

How to Create a Campaign in HubSpot in 3 Steps

Creating a campaign in HubSpot is relatively simple:

  1. First, navigate to the Marketing Hub and select “campaigns” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Next, click “create campaign." 
  3. Now, in the “create campaign” form, fill out the appropriate information about the campaign and its goals. Keep in mind that this information is only used as organizational data. Typing in the budget, for instance, simply labels the campaign with a budget. It doesn’t place a cap on ad spend. Once this form is complete, you’ll see an empty campaign that’s ready for use.

Adding Assets to the Campaign

After the creation is complete, click “add assets” to begin associating different items of marketing collateral to the campaign. From this menu, you can associate different items like ad campaigns, blog posts, landing pages, and workflows to the campaign you’ve created. Think of this as creating a folder of assets that all come together to comprise the campaign.

These campaigns are also customizable. You can add or remove assets from the campaign at any time. Again, think of a campaign as a folder of assets. Nothing’s set in stone with campaigns. It’s simple to manage these campaigns and their performance over time, including the addition of assets as a campaign grows and evolves. 

Monitoring the Campaign Data

Once the campaign is up and running, it’s time to sit back and wait for data to populate. As leads begin to flow in and potential deals begin to take place, the campaign’s specific dashboard will fill up with useful and specific data about how new customers are interacting with the campaign’s assets. The campaign menu provides you with a handy selection of pre-made reports that measure which assets are creating the most leads. Assets are ranked by type and individually, making for easy comparisons when tracking performance. It’s simple to compare different assets within a specific campaign as well as to compare separate campaigns with one another. Measuring performance in HubSpot is incredibly simple and intuitive. Campaigns make an easy-to-use process even easier.

The Benefits of Campaigns

One major benefit of a campaign is that it is collaborative. Once a campaign is active, other users in your HubSpot portal can view and interact with the different assets that it’s made up of. This makes accountability simple and collaboration integral in a day-to-day workflow. It ensures that the person who creates a campaign isn’t the only person managing it over time. Allowing a small team or everyone in a portal to access a campaign gives more room for collaboration, brainstorming, transparency, and accountability.

Another benefit of a campaign is that it holistically shows which assets influence others over time. For example, the campaign content calendar presents a top-down view of when different assets have been or will be published. Using these dates allows you to measure growth over time and view which assets have led to increased contact creation and sales. By viewing contact records of leads that have been created through a campaign’s efforts, you can easily see which assets are driving the most growth and revenue within the campaign. Having this data on hand is incredibly useful since you can replicate successful tactics and assets for additional campaigns in the future. On the other hand, measuring unsuccessful assets against previous campaigns allows you to highlight gaps or faults in current efforts and avoid repeating mistakes in the future.

All in all, campaigns stand as another shining example of HubSpot’s intuitiveness and interconnectivity. By providing a space for measuring disparate assets of a marketing campaign against one another and allowing for easy and transparent reporting of performance, HubSpot campaigns empower users to execute better marketing efforts and increase leads, revenue, and long-term clients. If tracking marketing efforts is not currently part of your HubSpot goals, it’s more than worth exploring adding it to your existing workflow. However, campaigns are only available to HubSpot accounts with Marketing Professional or above.

Quick Tip:

For more information on campaigns and their benefits, check out HubSpot’s campaign overview.



Why use a HubSpot Partner to help?

Workflows can get complex. There are a lot of benefits to using a HubSpot Partner to set up automation processes. 

Expertise and Experience: HubSpot partners are certified professionals who possess extensive knowledge and experience in using the HubSpot platform. 

Customization and Personalization: A HubSpot partner can customize workflows to match your unique business requirements. 

Faster Implementation: HubSpot partners are well-versed in workflow creation and can efficiently implement automation processes.

Cost-Effectiveness: While there may be an upfront investment in hiring a HubSpot partner, their expertise can save you valuable time and resources in the long run. By avoiding trial and error, you can ensure that your workflows are well-designed from the start, leading to improved efficiency, better customer experiences, and a higher return on investment.

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