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The Power of Sales Hub Increased

The Power of Sales Hub Increased

Seasoned HubSpot experts probably got a bit of a surprise after INBOUND 2023 when they opened up Sales Hub and saw the new features it suddenly had. Navigating all the new changes and fancy new tools in Sales Hub may be daunting, but fear not: In this article, we will cover what you can now do with all these new features:

  1. Prospect Smarter With Professional+
  2. Accelerate Revenue Growth
  3. Scale Up With Insight
  4. Bonus: See What’s Coming Soon to Sales Hub

1. Prospect Smarter With Professional+

Introducing the new prospecting workspace: Professional+. This intuitive platform is designed to enhance the focus and efficiency of your sales team as they interact with prospects. By consolidating all necessary tools into a single interface, it eliminates the need to manage multiple tabs and disconnected tools, allowing your salespeople to delve into their work with just a click.

But that’s not all. The workspace consistently keeps leads and relevant data in the forefront. It automatically pulls up CRM data for upcoming meetings, organizes pertinent context in task queues, and suggests optimal subsequent activities. This ensures that your sales team always has immediate access to the most relevant information, empowering them to establish and nurture meaningful customer relationships with ease.

Unified Lead Management

In HubSpot, we’re changing the game with redefined lead management. Just like tasks or tickets, create lead records that seamlessly move through stages as your sellers connect with them. From New to Attempting to Connected, it’s all nearly automated, ensuring a smooth transition. Engaged a qualified lead? Swiftly turn it into a deal without missing a beat within the prospecting workspace.

Unified Lead Management

Smarter Sequences

Automate your prospecting strategies effectively with HubSpot sequences. Directly tie sequences to business impact and utilize outcome reports to gauge their effectiveness. Spot an underperforming sequence? Harness the power of improved step analytics to pinpoint and optimize each step in your sequence. Plus, experiment with different options using the new A/B testing functionality to discern what resonates best with your audience.

Seamless Handoffs

Enhance your sales team's capability with HubSpot's functionality that smoothens lead handoffs. Book the next meeting on behalf of an account executive or use meeting rotations to ensure the lead meets the next best salesperson in line. What's more, with lead form routing, your marketing team can generate sales meetings on behalf of your sales reps, streamlining the process even further.

Mobile Prospecting Updates

Keep the momentum going even on the move with HubSpot’s mobile app updates. Utilize the QR-code scanner to instantly import vCards, add contacts, and enroll new leads immediately with sequences on mobile. Plus, with the AI content assistant now on mobile, drafting relevant sales emails is quicker and more efficient, keeping your reps always ready and on the ball.

2. Accelerate Revenue Growth

With HubSpot's enhanced Sales Hub tools, swiftly closing deals is now more streamlined than ever. The deal board ensures opportunities flow seamlessly from qualification to quote. Plus, with the new deal inspection view, reps can quickly access deal summaries without navigating away, highlighting deals that need immediate attention. Top it off with direct deal insights displayed on the board, and reps get an instant snapshot of vital metrics, cutting down on distractions and keeping the sales momentum strong.

3. Scale Up With Insight

Step into scalable success with HubSpot's Sales Hub. Empower your sales managers to seamlessly set, meet, and surpass revenue targets while uplifting their teams with essential insights. Dive into a renewed world of sales reporting and analytics and gear up for unmatched growth and achievement. Welcome to effortless and insightful sales navigation.

Smarter Forecasting

Get ready for a major boost in forecasting with the new accuracy tracking view (Professional+). Now, sales managers can effortlessly tap into the historical forecast data of sales reps, ensuring their manual submissions stand the test of time for accuracy and reliability. Swiftly dive into the state of revenue predictions with freshly unveiled forecasting insights (Professional+). Stay in the know of how your forecasts and pipelines are faring across teams, keeping tabs on crucial metrics like team goals, closed won, gap, and forecast submissions. It's about making every prediction more insightful, reliable, and geared for your team's ultimate success.

Prospecting Analytics

Elevate your sales game effortlessly with our new prospect activities report (Professional+). Gain an expansive view of your team's activities and delve into essential metrics to identify standouts and those needing a boost.

Seamlessly track lead activities with the fresh lead funnel report (Professional+), offering a broad look into the conversion journey. Effortlessly spot areas to enhance and refine lead strategies and scrutinize various lead sources' effectiveness. Empower your managers to make solid, data-backed decisions to amplify revenue growth, ensuring a progressive and insightful path forward. Your route to enhanced sales performance just got clearer and more efficient.

Prospecting Analytics

Deeper Deal Reporting

Navigating a deal's journey in your pipeline just got less complicated with the updated deal funnel report (Professional+). This tool ensures your managers have access to precise and reliable metrics, considering all aspects of deal progression. Deal journey analytics (Enterprise) allow further customization, offering a clear, tailored view of each stage.

Don’t miss a beat with the new sales velocity report (Professional+). This essential tool illuminates team productivity and highlights areas for enhancement, guiding your team in optimizing strategies and resource allocation, ensuring every lead is captured, and every opportunity maximized.

4. Coming Soon to Sales Hub

That wraps up the latest in Sales Hub for now, but we've got some exciting upgrades in the pipeline. The ones topping the list are AI forecasting and a total overhaul of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration.

AI Forecasting

Sales managers, get ready! You'll soon have the chance to measure the precision of your manual revenue predictions against insights powered by Artificial Intelligence.

AI Forecasting

A Refreshed LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

In the near future, your sales reps will experience a completely transformed LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration (Professional+). Stay tuned for these major enhancements that promise to make your sales efforts even more efficient and effective.



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